AUBRE: Tribal Essence. A Tribal-Fusion C

AUBRE: Tribal Essence. A Tribal-Fusion C
AUBRE: Tribal Essence. A Tribal-Fusion C
Reference : HMCDVD9549
Aubre teaches a tribal fusion choreography in five easy combinations. These combinations and techniques are essential to the Tribal Fusion dancer.

Each combination is presented with a breakdown, followed by graduated repetition with music ensuring plenty of practice and easy memorization. Aubre breaks each movement down to the essential technique in a convenient video glossary that you can use for easy reference. Finally, enjoy the choreography performed as a solo by Aubre and then staged as a group performance by the Lumina Bellydance Company.

A lifetime dancer, Aubre has been greatly influenced by Carolena Nericcio, Jamilla Salimpour, Rachel Brice and many others. From this she has developed her own beautiful and innovative style which defies definition. As well as touring as assistant director with the Bellydance Superstars, Aubre has shared stages with Bal Anat, Cirque de Soleil and the Blue Man Group. She features regularly on American TV, runs her own dance troupe, and is on the faculty at California state University, LA teaching accredited Bellydance and Pilates classes.

Run time 90 min.
2021-12-31 25.0025.00 EUR