BELLYQUEEN- The Bellydance Experience

BELLYQUEEN- The Bellydance Experience
BELLYQUEEN- The Bellydance Experience
Reference : HMCDVD9550
Bellyqueen Dance Theater is a professional world dance company based in New York city directed by Kaeshi Chai, and co-founded by Amar Gamal. The Bellyqueen dance repertoire includes bellydancing in it's traditional ''Raks Sharqi'' format, as well as Middle-Eastern dance blended with other styles such as Hip-Hop, Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Gypsy, Flamenco, Chinese, Afro-Haitian and Tribal. Bellyqueen brings together cutting-edge choreographies with breakthrough music to create a highly memorable experience. With something for everyone, these dances encompass a wide variety of styles performed by innovative and talented artists from diverse backgrounds. With their beautiful interpretations and stunning costumes, Bellyqueen presents ''The Bellydance Experience.''

1. Bellyqueen: Nagwa - Modern Egyptian Wings Trio
2. Amar Gamal: Dina Tata - Modern Baladi Solo
3. Kaeshi: Web of the Black Widow - Veil Solo
4. Sandralis: Desert Eclipse - Modern Double Veil Solo
5. Amar Gamal
2024-12-31 25.0025.00 EUR