Babelesque: Live from Tokyo

Babelesque: Live from Tokyo
Babelesque: Live from Tokyo
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Babel-esque ? Pronunciation: b?b'?l-?sk' Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Hebrew Babhel, from Akkadian
bAb-ilu gate of god. Babelesque ? A union of movement, sound and
the universal language of dance.

In six years of touring the world, the BELLYDANCE
SUPERSTARS have taken the art of Bellydance to new heights
in both expertise as well as mass appreciation. This show,
filmed at the world famous U-Port Hall in Tokyo, Japan,
features stunning choreography, luxurious colorful costumes
and full-throttle production.
? Featuring ?
Sonïa, Jillina, Adoré, Sabah, Petite Jamilla, Moria,
Kami Liddle, Sharon Kihara, Samantha, Jayna,
Cecilia, Stefanya, Lauren, Nathalie
and Master Percussionist Issam Houshan
2021-12-31 25.0025.00 EUR