Bellydance Superstars: Volume 8

Bellydance Superstars: Volume 8
Bellydance Superstars: Volume 8
Reference : 1-10663
The eighth volume in this series presents some of the greatest bellydance music from around the world, including the latest release from Oojami, along with hardcore Baladi from Ameina, as well as classical bellydance from the legendary Oum Kalthoum, as performed by Ahmad Berjaoui. It also features the exotic tribal sounds of Beats Antique and high energy rhythms of Bellyhouse. This compilation is sure to make you shimmy with excitement!

1. Time Is Now - Oojami
2. Kulo Bilhab Ala Kulo - Ameina
3. Ma Elli Ou Oltello - Cairo Cairo
4. Eternal Diva - Bellyhouse
5. Howa Tale 'et Menhour - Saad
6. Amal Ye'kasmey - Ameina
7. Ah Jouba (Tribute to Dabke) - Samara
8. Medley Farid Al Atrash (Ma Kally Wekoltelo) - Issam Houshan
2021-12-31 17.0017.00 EUR