Dance of the 7 Veils

Dance of the 7 Veils
Dance of the 7 Veils
Référence : 0HMC1406
CD Dance of the 7 Veils; Sultry Bellydance Music
Welcome to the Dance of the Seven Veils, where mesmerizing melodies, flowing silk veils, and the sensuous movements of the bellydancer create an unforgettable tapestry. Enjoy 14 authentic works from some of the foremost middle eastern musicians such as the Cairo Orchestra, Mosavo, Mohamed Ali Ensemble and others. Perfect for setting a tranquil mood or bellydancing with veil.

1 Zannouta 3:54 Al Ahram Orchestra
2 Badr Al Mnawar 3:09 Mohamed Ali Ensemble
3 Misirlou 4:58 Mosavo
4 Lamma Bada 2:37 Salatin El Tarab Orchestra
5 Anoush Karoun 4:34 Mosavo
6 Taskim of My Soul 3:06 Hamouda Ali
7 Zeina 4:27 Cairo Orchestra
8 Rumi’s Passion 3:57 Mosavo
9 Bi Ghazel Banat 3:49 Shadi Jamil Orchestra
10 Mystic Caravan 4:18 Mosavo
11 Lonely Star by the Sea 4:33 Mosavo
12 Istanbul by Night 4:51 Yervant Kalajian
13 Muwashahat Masri 2:50 Jalal Joubi and Ensemble
14 Gondol 3:25 Cairo Orchestra

2024-12-31 17.0017.00 EUR