Expressive Bellydance Veil Kaeshi

Expressive Bellydance Veil Kaeshi
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Expressive Bellydance Veil Kaeshi
Référence : 0ANA2
Expressive Bellydance Veil

The veil is used to express a tapestry of human emotions encompassing joy and happiness as well as confinement, sorrow and death. Kaeshi will demonstrate multiple moves that will enable you to become larger than life, to reach out and show your brilliance, as well as transforming the veil into different forms such as a rope, a whip, or a costume. These innovative veil moves will help enrich your movement vocabulary thus creating a greater range in which you can express yourself as an artist. Kaeshi’s technique and combination instruction includes: selecting fabrics; basic veil positions and technique; veil moves from the front and back; vertical hold; and more! See how Kaeshi uses her veil to interpret the music and express herself in a costumed performance to music by Mosavo. Running time: 50 minutes
2024-12-31 25.0025.00 EUR