FIFI ABDO (Bellydance Archives)

FIFI ABDO (Bellydance Archives)
FIFI ABDO (Bellydance Archives)
Reference : HMCDVD8850
Fifi Abdo is admired by millions as one of the greatest Egyptian Dancers of our time. She represents the ''Bent Al Balad'', the village girl in the big city.
In addition to her regular work in the top Cairo hotels Fifi has starred in a large number of films.

Chapter List.

Intro Rakkasa (Fifi's Entracce Piece)
Oulli Amallak (Mohamed Abdel Wahab Classic)
Li Sabri Hdoud (Om Kalsoum Classic)
Li Sabri Hdoud / Al Atlal ''
Ishar Wi Dar Ya Amar (Egyptian Classic Composition)
Bakahali Wi Shok Ramani (Cairo Balady)
Yahlela Ya Oulad (With the Hassabala Ensemble)
Ya Ard Thaddi (Sung by Fifi Abdo)
Ounsi Koulou Faraktaha (Egyptian Balady Dance)
Ya Salam Salam (Fifi's Finale)

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