Learn to Play Finger Cymbals

Learn to Play Finger Cymbals
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Learn to Play Finger Cymbals
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Learn to Play Finger Cymbals: Rhythms - Movements - Combinations

DVD Product Code: HMC-DVD-9594

Finger cymbals are an essential part of a bellydance performance. They capture the audience and accentuate the rhythm and movement. Also known as Sagat (Arabic) or Zils (Turkish), finger cymbals can be used in any style of bellydance, in any venue. In this program, Virginia will teach you finger cymbal patterns for popular Middle Eastern rhythms then add stationary movements and traveling steps. Then put it all together with combinations for each rhythm, then all rhythms together. 97 Minutes

1 Introduction
2 About Finger Cymbals
3 Stretch & Warm-up
4 Basic Patterns with Movements
5 Double Patterns with Movements
6 Triple Patterns with Movements
7 Quadruple Patterns with Movements
8 Baladi
9 Maqsum
10 Saidi
11 Malfoof
12 Zaffa
13 Combination 1: Balady
14 Combination 2: Maqsum
15 Combination 3: Malfoof
16 Combination 4: All Rhythms
17 Performance: Nova Raks
2024-12-31 25.0025.00 EUR