Modern Egyptian

Modern Egyptian
Modern Egyptian
Reference : HMCDVD9350
Featuring an Advanced Modern Egyptian Choreography to a popular song by Hakim, one of Egypt's top singers. Rania breaks down each Combination in this routine with her clear movements and descriptive, effective teaching style. This program is highly advanced and assumes the viewer has already studied Middle Eastern Dance, and has an understanding of basic moves and terminology. This DVD also provides optional alternative combinations, which viewers may wish to substitute in place of more advanced combinations; a method which is unique to this program. There is also a performance in full costume at the end of this DVD, in which studio nuances, personal style, and musical interpretation are demonstrated in addition to the choreography.

1 Choreography Demonstration
2 Introduction
3 Combination 1
4 Combination 2
5 Combinations 1
2021-12-31 25.0025.00 EUR