NADIA GAMAL: Dance Workshop

NADIA GAMAL: Dance Workshop
NADIA GAMAL: Dance Workshop
Reference : HMCDVD9565

Enjoy and learn two of Nadia Gamal?s grand choreographies. The dance styles presented include Oriental Dance, Folklore, Basic Beledi, Drum Solo, and Bedouin Gypsy. The first is an Oriental ?Raks Sharki? Dance, the second a Bedouin ?Folkloric? Dance. Edited to 90 minutes, Nadia Gamal's six-hour workshop in New York includes all the highlights of the second day's choreography plus a 15-minute overview of the first day's session. The workshop was sponsored by ''Arabesque? and is geared toward professional dancers and advanced students.

1 Oriental ''Raks Sharki'' Dance
2 Bedouin ''Folkloric'' Dance

Run Time 90 Minutes
2021-12-31 25.0025.00 EUR