Princess of Cairo

Princess of Cairo
Princess of Cairo
Référence : HMC1213
EGYPT - Routine/Classical

Two complete shows for Belly Dance. Arranged and prepared by Hamouda Ali. A classic that no dancer should be without! Now songs are split into tracks for easier shows.

Track listing:-

I. Najwa Show
1. Entrance of the Princess
2. Nagwa Music
3. Waves of the sea
4. Solo Nay
5. Khaliji
6. Taksim Violin
7. Taksim Kanoun
8. Set al Hosen
9. Finale

II. Banat Eskandaria
10. Kanoun intro
11. Sea of Alexandria
12. Taksim Nay
13. Music of Souher Zaki
14. Sea Breeze
15. Taksim Accordion
16. Tabla Solo
17. Finale
2021-12-31 17.0017.00 EUR