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Rachel Brice

Rachel Brice
Rachel Brice
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Bellydance Arms and posture with Rachel Brice
Welcome to Belly Dance Arms And Posture: A Practice for Carriage, Coiling and Serpentine Stylization with Rachel Brice. This practice was designed to be used in conjunction with your regular dance practice to increase strength, flexibility and the illusion of bonelessness in the upper body. The practice has 5 parts: -Gentle stretching to relax and prepare the body for movement. -Dance movement preparation to strengthen the legs. -An intense shoulder series with both strengthening and stretching segments to prepare for serpentine arm movements. -Carriage and arm undulations and pathways. A short combination to illustrate the use of arms in dance and with torso movement and layering. -Finishing poses to relax the spine and prepare you to re-enter your day
2019-12-31 25.0025.00 EUR