Sagattes with Hassan Abdelkhalek

Sagattes with Hassan Abdelkhalek
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Sagattes with Hassan Abdelkhalek
Reference : 0-10835ABD

Oriental Dance with the percussionist Hassan Abdel Khalek and the dancer Melinda

BONUS: Tabla Solo "Dalaä al banat ’’ صوله طبله دلع البنات
CD-DVD Set: Prix 45€

* Sagats are a basic rhythmic instrument used in oriental music, including two pairs of small cymbals that you wear on your fingers (thumb and middle finger on each hand)
The best quality ones are made out of copper. There are different sizes, producing different sounds, played in orchestras or by dancers. The diameter used by oriental dancers is about 5 to 6 cm.

* Method created by the percussionist Hassan Abdel Khalek for 11 rhythms and 7 links between different rhythms explaining how to play and link one rhythm to the other.

* This CD-DVD set was created to learn playing Sagats (rhythmic instrument) while dancing. CD with all rhythms used in the DVD available, easy for training.

* BONUS: Tabla solo "Dalaä al banat ’’ صوله طبله دلع البنات

ALL AUDIENCES / 2 Versions English and French * Menu and film are in both languages

CD-DVD set . DVD 9 . Format 16/9 HQ PAL . Color . Run Time CD 45 min . DVD 90 min . Languages French, English * Menu & film . Zone all zones

About the percussionist HASSSAN ABDEL KHALEK
Born in Alexandria in Egypt, studied at the school of percussions of the Egyptian Folk National Group "El Ferka El Kaomeya" from 1968 to 1975 in Egypt.
Percussionist in various orchestras, with the most famous singers of Middle Eastern music such as Warda, Hanni Chaker, Sabah, and the most known dancers like Tahia Carioca (Operette - KAHWET EL TOUTES), Nagwa Fuad, Nahed Sabri, Fifi Abdou, Azza Cherif, Chouchou Amin...
After years of performing, he now transmits his knowledge and his experience to his students in Paris FRANCE and abroad. Hassan Abdel Khalek opened his school in 1997 and teaches oriental rhythms to about 100 students each year.

About the dancer MELINDA
Choreographer and professional Bellydancer for the past 15 years in Paris/FRANCE and abroad.
Specialized in Egyptian dance, she learned from the masters of this Art.
Studied darbouka, bendir and sagats with Hasan Abdel Khalek.
Melinda coached Laura Ramsey, main actress of the film WHATEVER LOLA WANTS of N. Ayouch and choreographed most of the bellydance scenes of the film. (in theaters in Morocco, Middle East and France - Special Selection at Tribeca Film Festival / USA. Grand prix of Festival National du Film in Tanger / Morocco )

Since 2011 Hassan Abdel Khalek and Melinda are teaching a class in Paris "Oriental Dance with the percussionist Hassan Abdel Khalek and the dancer Melinda - Sagats
Learning to play and dance with the instrument" and also workshops.
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