Street Music of Cairo

Street Music of Cairo
Street Music of Cairo
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CD Street Music of Cairo
Egyptian Shaabi All-Stars
Shaabi music originated in the restive urban culture of the streets of Cairo. It was like a revolution ? it could be heard in every shop, taxicab, restaurant and home, and spread like wildfire because it was danceable pop music that gave listeners a chance to vent their feelings about love, romance, money, dreams, or anything worth longing for. It helped the joyous revel and celebrate life? and those who were down on their luck or victims of the pitfalls of urban life were able to find solitude in this new style of music. ''Street Music of Cairo,'' presented by The Egyptian Shaabi All-Stars, is a collection of lively, high-energy songs for listening or dancing.

1Orgos - 4:19
2Hatta Anta Kaman - 4:34
3Ana Hashik - 3:10
4Shouf Il Banat - 4:07
5Abzaa - 4:35
6Ana Al Arris - 3:32
7Salametha Mou Hassan - 4:29
8Ifrid - 4:54
9Hosso Hos - 4:00
10Boukra Taaban - 3:38
11Ya Albi - 4:16
12Roumman - 3:38

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