Ultimate BellyDance with Sadie

Ultimate BellyDance with Sadie
Ultimate BellyDance with Sadie
Reference : HMCDVD9579
Sadies' Ultimate Belly Dance Review
The Ultimate Belly Dance with Sadie DVD is 12 chapters long with a running time of 110 minutes.

*Chapter 1- Sadie starts you off with a warm-up.
*Chapter 2- Upper Body Isolations- Horizontal and Vertical
*Chapter 3- Lower Body Isolations, Undulations and Floor Stretch

*Chapters 4 through 10- Lots and lots of layering- Layering Drills with foundational moves and basic shimmies; Layering Ups and Downs with Various isolations- including hips, 3/4 shimmy, chest circle isolations and more.

*Chapters 9 and 10- all about Soft Layering Techniques with an emphasis on Hip Circles, Mayas and Sways with undulations.

*Chapters 11 and 12- Choreography to Maksum and The Ultimate BellyDance DVD concludes with a bonus performance- The Soul of Cairo.

Sadie uses intermediate and advanced techiques to help you take your skills to the next level. She introduces drills and techniques to develop the mechanics of layering belly dance movements on top of each other with the grace and skill ''Sadie Style''. Sadie will help you enrich your bellydancing, creating dynamic effects to execute impressive movements in your belly dancing choreograhy.
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