Wash ya Wash vol 4

Wash ya Wash vol 4
Wash ya Wash vol 4
Reference : 98712
CD Wash ya Wash vol 4 - Yousry Sharif and Raqia Hassan
Egypt; Classical. The latest in Yousry Sharif's Classic series

Track listing:-
Layalina by Mohamed Ali 6.46
Seret il Hob by Belleg Hamdi 8.02
Modern Rabbaba by Mohamed Mustapha 4.07
Tabeeb Garaah by Shaker il Moogie 5.57
Ahlam Dosa (Taksim) by Ehab Soubhee 4.11
Il Sultana by Mohamed Ali 6.56
Eltootoo Balady by Mossen Ahlam 7.24
Finale by Mohamed Ali 2.10

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